Domain and Email Account

Domain Names

Buying a domain is the first step you must take to bring your company to the Internet, that is, the address or name that we will use to identify a website on the Internet, for example

You can buy the domains you want and they will be yours as long as you pay for them, take care that it is memorable and that it relates to your company, product or service.


When you buy your domain, you will have the advantage of customizing the address of your email account.

Initially I offer you 1 email account, but if you need more, do not hesitate to request it, we can create the emails you want, for example:

Check the availability of the domain you want.


Domain Name


Contact Form

If you are not yet ready to have a web page, for an additional price you can see a contact form when entering your domain ( and obtain the data of the clients when they visit you.

This option will also allow you to place a “Page Under Construction” message while we take the time to take the second step which is the creation of your web page.

No renewal is paid for this service.